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School Dress Code

Book Bag Policy
Scholars can wear any type of book bag to school as long as it is not considered offensive. Book bags do NOT have to be mesh or clear. 

NEW 2022/2023 DRESS CODE

Grades K - 12

Cleanliness and appropriate apparel is expected as a matter of health and aesthetics. The dress of students must be in good taste, appropriate for school activities, in accordance with the school rules, and not be disruptive to the learning environment.  PCA’S dress code is designed to reduce the likelihood of distraction or disruption and to maintain an academic focus in the classroom and on campus. Administrators have the final authority in all judgments related to dress and hygiene.

****Dress Code applies to ALL school sponsored events such as any Academic Award Programs, Athletic Award Programs, Induction Ceremonies, other special events, etc.  

There will no longer be any uniform-type requirements for dress code.  Students may wear any appropriate clothing that does not violate the dress code regulations below.

Dress Code Regulations:

  1. T-shirts with sleeves ripped, cut off, or muscle shirts may not be worn.  
  2. Shirts should cover the midriff, chest, back, and majority of the shoulder.  The midriff must be covered at all times including standing and sitting.  No spaghetti straps, halter tops, crop tops, tube tops, or backless blouses may be worn. Cleavage must not show.
  3. Sleeveless tops may be worn as long as the majority of the shoulder is covered and no undergarments are visible.
  4. Proper undergarments must be worn at all times and should not be visible. See-through material that exposes undergarments or flesh is inappropriate.
  5. Cut off shorts are not allowed. 
  6. Pants, athletic pants (sweat pants, joggers, windbreaker pants, etc.), shorts, and skirts are to be worn properly at the waist and cannot be oversized.
  7. Leggings are allowed only if the shirt is mid-thigh length in the front and back. (Jackets or sweaters wrapped around the waist will not be considered coverage.)
  8. Shorts, dresses, and skirts should be an acceptable length in order to avoid any disruption of a normal school day.  To accommodate students of different ages and with different body proportions, garments should at least be longer than mid-thigh. Skirts and dresses should still be at least mid-thigh length even if leggings or tights are worn underneath.  
  9. No pants or shorts with writing/words across the seat or crotch area.
  10. Factory frays in jeans are acceptable as long as the fray is not excessive and skin does not show above the knee. Clothing with rips, holes, or see-through material that exposes undergarments or flesh is inappropriate.  
  11. Sleep attire including flannel sleep pants, nylon pajamas, and bedroom shoes/slippers are not allowed except on designated theme days.  Pillows and blankets are not appropriate for a classroom setting.  Do not bring these items.
  12. Body piercings that pose a safety concern or distraction are prohibited. 
  13. Hats and other head coverings (including hoodies, bandanas, sleep/shower caps, etc.) are not allowed inside buildings or during the school day; this includes the cafeteria, PE/Weight Training, Ag shop, or any class/activity within the normal school day.  Hat Day Fundraisers will be approved by administration..  
  14. Proper shoes must be worn at all times.  Rubber sole shoes are required for all PE/Weight Training classes.
  15. Sunglasses, wallet chains, dog collars, and other distracting accessories are prohibited. 
  16. Clothing or personal belongings displaying alcohol, drugs, tobacco, illegal substances, or gangs, including symbols, logos, or trademarks is prohibited. 
  17. Clothing or personal belongings displaying obscene, vulgar, inflammatory, derogatory, or suggestive language, gestures, or pictures are prohibited.  
  18. Any item that is a safety concern or disruptive to the learning environment will be handled appropriately.
  19. Any other clothing or accessory item may be deemed as unacceptable by the administration if the item is being used to show disrespect or creates a distraction.     

                                                         IF IN DOUBT, DON’T WEAR IT!.


RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS: We understand that some religious attire may not meet all of the guidelines set forth in the dress code regulations.  Therefore, some guidelines may be waived on a case-by-case basis.  Please notify the Principal if you need to apply for a religious exemption to the dress code.