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School Uniforms

Parents, our scholar's will be permitted to wear solid Black, Gold(Yellow), or White polo style or button up shirts. Shirts are not allowed to have any logo, symbols, or other decorations, with the exception of our official school logo (the school logo is optional and is NOT required on uniform tops). Our scholar's will be permitted to wear solid Black or Khaki pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses. Scholars may wear shoes of their choice as long as the shoe has a back on it (no flip flops please). 
You may purchase school uniforms by the vendor of your choosing. We have partnered with Griffin Uniforms in Bainbridge if you would like to shop locally, however, you may purchase your child's clothing attire elsewhere as long as it adheres to the SCCA dress code.
Book Bag Policy
Scholars can wear any type of book bag to school as long as it is not considered offensive. Book bags do NOT have to be mesh or clear. 


Cleanliness and appropriate apparel is expected as a matter of health and aesthetics. The dress of students must be in good taste, appropriate for school activities, in accordance with the school rules, and not be disruptive to the learning environment.  SCCA’S dress code is designed to reduce the likelihood of distraction or disruption and to maintain an academic focus in the classroom and on campus. Administrators have the final authority in all judgments related to dress and hygiene.

Students may wear:

  • White, black, gold (yellow) solid color shirt with a collar; polo style or button down.
  • SCCA t-shirts (This is a t-shirt which is sold under the authority of a SCCA approved school group/ fundraiser, etc.    
  • Solid colored, collared uniform style dress.
  • Any tennis shoes, sandals, loafers, boots or closed toe shoe. (tennis shoes are required for PE).
  • All shoes & sandals must have a back.

Dress Code Restrictions:

  1. SCCA T-Shirts must be purchased from a SCCA approved school group or fundraiser.  NO homemade/iron on/embroidered T-Shirts are allowed. *(This does not include Polo styled shirts ONLY T-shirts).
  2. Shorts, dresses and skirts should be no more than 3 inches above the knee.  If leggings/tights are worn under the dress or skirt, then the dress/skirt must be mid-thigh length in the front and back.  (Jackets or sweaters wrapped around the waist will not be considered coverage.)
  3.  Leggings are allowed only if the shirt is mid-thigh length in the front and back. (Jackets or sweaters wrapped around the waist will not be considered coverage.)
  4. Pants, shorts, and skirts are to be worn properly at the waist. Pants/shorts/athletic pants must be worn properly at the waist and cannot be over-sized.
  5. Factory frays in jeans are acceptable as long as the fray is not excessive and skin does not show above the knee. Clothing with rips, holes, or see-through material that exposes undergarments, including leggings or tights or flesh is inappropriate.
  6. No flip-flop type shoes allowed. All shoes must have backs on them.
  7. Proper undergarments must be worn at all times and should not be visible.
  8. Sleep attire including bedroom shoes/slippers are not allowed except on designated theme days.
  9. Body piercings, including nose rings,  other than earrings are prohibited. 
  10. Sunglasses, chains, and dog collars are prohibited.
  11. Shirts should cover the midriff, chest, back and majority of shoulder.  The midriff must be covered at all times including standing and sitting.  No spaghetti straps, halter tops, crop tops, tube tops, or backless blouses may be worn.
  12. No sheer garments and no low-cut necklines are permitted.
  13. Clothing,  personal belongings or tattoos displaying obscene, vulgar, inflammatory, derogatory, or suggestive language, gestures, or pictures are prohibited.  
  14. Hats and other head coverings (including hoodies/bandannas/do-rags, etc)  are not allowed inside buildings or during certain activities and should be plain with no logos.
  15. Any other clothing or accessory item may be deemed as unacceptable by the administration if the item is being used to show disrespect or to create a distraction. 

****Dress Code applies to ALL school sponsored events.

Dress Code for Dress-Down Days for Elementary and Middle School

Students may wear jeans with an official SCCA T-shirt the last day of each week for $1.

This fee will not include any special, called dress-down days for various fundraisers. Students may wear jeans with a Polo shirt on the last day of each week for $1. Factory frays in jeans are acceptable as long as the fray is not excessive and skin does not show above the knee.


 ***Dressing down is a privilege that may be revoked if the dress code restrictions are not followed per the stipulations below or the fee is not paid.

                                                         IF IN DOUBT, PLEASE DO NOT WEAR IT!


****Dress Code applies to ALL school sponsored events.

Below is a list of suggested placed you may purchase uniforms: 
Dale G. Griffin Uniforms
Griffin's has a variety of approved uniform options should you choose to buy locally. Please call Griffin's for further details. They have our colors: white, black, and gold (yellow) collard tops. Black or Khaki bottoms. They also have the official school logo.
115 LamarBainbridge, GA 39817
Telephone Icon 229-243-7996
Fax Icon 229-243-7221
Friday Jean Day: Scholars will be allowed to wear jeans on Fridays with an official SCCA T-shirt for $1.00 *SCCA spirit t-shirts will be sold for Friday jean dress down days. Shirts will be sold during open house. 
Children's shirts - $12.00
Adult shirts - $15.00
Adult XL and above - $18.00
*** Please check out these young scholars for our do's and do not's.***
  •  Our dress code says shirts/dresses with collars. The jumper is fine, but must have a collared shirt under it. A dress with a collar is fine as well.